Painting > 2022-23

Domestic Inducer
Domestic Inducer
acrylic, charcoal and oil on canvas
30"x40" (each panel) diptych

"The passage of form through the work in this exhibition is a major aspect of its originality and riveting thresholds. Again, another work by the Iranian-born artist Amir Hariri, titled Domestic Inducer (2022), begets a painting partially (indirectly) inspired by graffiti. The difference between graffiti, however, and Hariri’s work is found in the latter’s confidence in the manner he paints. His series of work focuses on variations of gray with other subtle colors integrated in the crevices often barely visible. The presence of this painting involves vibrant quasi-mechanical/organic humanoid shapes, which are less than possible to ignore. It fulfills the abstract expressionist concept of “all-over” painting in that the figure-to-ground is ignored in favor of surface intensity, the latter being the essence and, to some extent, the contradiction that holds this painting in durable suspense."
Robert C. Morgan