Amir R Hariri
Tile Pattern - Irrational Symmetry Le RespirateurWall HammerMuqarnasBlack DaysEmpire of DirtSalk IngSalk IngSalk IngDomino Ex AnteDomino Ex PostNervi Breakdown 2Nervi Breakdown 1DetailingFire Escaped!ObtusinalHighrise StudyHighrise Study
In the majority of these works, I attempt to expose the transitory layer between the representational and the abstract by either introducing layers of gesturally applied house and spray paint upon a representative structural system, or by reversing the process and building a support or scaffolding system after a layer of paint is automatically introduced. In both scenarios, the work is further developed in an iterative manner by alternating each method. The gestural in combination with a concrete formulation of forms in space, facilitates a dialogue between each component, not only of the composition but of the methods of mark making. I hope to create a platform to expose the hidden bridge spanning between the conscious and the unconscious attempt in painting.