Amir R Hariri
Black Old SunBlack Old Sun (detail)Levee BreakNo. 1 - MelancholiaNo. 1 (detail)No. 2 - Phase SpaceNo. 2 (detail)No. 3 - Gravity DreamingNo. 3 (detail)No. 5 - Infinite Bilateral RegressNo. 5 (left)No. 5 (right)No. 6 - The Mortal LeapNo. 6 (detail)No. 7 - Estranged AttractorNo. 7 (detail)No. 8 - Infra Spin MinorNo. 8 - Supra Spine Major
Structural Abstractions

Giving consideration to a, so called, scientific sixth sense or structural intuition, which is at play during abstracted visualizations, in these drawings, I formally explore inherently automatic and gestural compositions by using techniques that follow the rules of mechanical systems. This interplay further engages each method of mark making as insitu relationships between the mimetic and abstract are explored. It also facilitates the extraction of pure form from any preconceived interest.